Our Name

The name Heka is derived from the Greek goddess Hekate, the goddess of necromancy and ghosts. She is often depicted in the company of hounds as they assist her in guiding spirits to the afterlife. Similarly, in Mesoamerican tradition dogs are also viewed as instrumental guides for souls to find their way to the next life. These stories continue to represent the deep connection we all have to our animal companions and how that connection transcends space and time. 

Our Story

We are a small family business located in Southern California. A few years ago we had added a new member to the family named Nonna, a beautiful Dogo Argentino. As we awaited her arrival, we visited an artisan shop in Mexico where inspiration struck. While we were admiring the craftsmanship they poured into their creations we realized that nothing could be better than having an accessory for Nonna that would be just as unique as she is. 

This started us on our 6 year long journey of honing our designs and developing accessories that offer your pet comfortability, security and handmade wearable art.

The Artisans

The source of all the wonder found in our accessories is due to the indigenous Tzotzil women. They live in the highlands or ‘Tzotzil’ of Chiapas, Mexico where they continue their cultural traditions. Only the women of the community are the weavers (Tejedoras) and they complete their art whilst tending to their flock of livestock. This custom is passed on from generation to generation, and is paramount in continuing the legacy of these artists. 

We work closely with these artisans, ensuring that the creation of these mesmerizing pieces is a collaborative effort. Though we have set colors for our products, upon further inspection you will be pulled into the deeply complex nuances of each artist and their weaving style. We are proud to help these women continue their artistry and give them a space to share their talents with the world. Just as their work has enriched our lives and our connection to our furry family, we know they will do the same for you.